Anne and Jess, both living on the North Fork but having never met, each spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring more joy and balance to the people around them. It wasn’t until the universe worked it’s magic, bringing these two spirited souls together, that they realized they had the perfect collaboration of expertise and passion to make this dream a reality.

Driven by the notion that there is more to life than monotonous routines, Anne and Jess created NoFo Retreat. A series of retreats in beautiful North Fork settings, where they bring people together to find that sense of balance, joy, and connection we are all so desperately searching for.



Certified Yoga Instructor

Barefoot and pregnant (No…literally barefoot and pregnant - it was a prenatal yoga class!), a once anxiety-plagued Jess stepped onto a yoga mat, took in a breath of that moment and never looked back again.  Inspired by the extraordinary impact her practice has had on all aspects of her life, she decided to become a teacher to pass on the sacred gift of yoga to anyone willing to receive! In 2013, Jess took her passion to learn and completed her 200 hr teacher training certification with Betsy Kase at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY.  A year full of transformation, growth, and passion has only inspired her further to continue the journey of deepening her practice and guiding both children and adults through their journeys in yoga.  Since she was so greatly inspired by her journey through motherhood, Jess received her certification in Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga at the Kripalu Center in June 2014.

Now Jess, mother of three budding yogi boys, continues to teach adults and children and is determined to help others use yoga to provide a better quality of life in an ever increasingly stressful world.

Come share your day with Jess; you will breathe, stretch, fall, pick yourself up again, learn to smile, laugh, and live in the present moment - finding your inner child and heart center.



Certified Life Coach


Anne began down this path in 2011 when someone important to her experienced an unthinkable tragedy. Witnessing that changed her. It sent her on a personal journey of self-discovery and a quest to make sense of the world. She read lots of books on self-help, spirituality, and the afterlife. She attended seminars and spoke with healers, mediums, and therapists. She reached a point where she could make more sense of the tragedy, on a higher level. She was also at a place where she could begin to look at her own life in a different light, and work on her own personal challenges. She's since felt drawn to help others to live more joyful and fulfilled lives.

Anne's life coaching training is based on the Law of Attraction (LOA). LOA coaches differ from traditional life coaches in that they have a stronger focus on the profound effect your thoughts and feelings have on your life experience. She will help you understand what you want, and assist you in making plans to achieve those goals. She work with you collaboratively, identifying what you need and what might be holding you back from living your ideal life.





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